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Sake with a Twist
                          ABV            100ml            Bottle 
Yuzushu           8.5%          £5.75          £24.00 (
Sake based Yuzu (Japanese citrus) Liqueur
Best enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert wine.
Well-balanced sweetness with tart citrus notes.                                                   
Nigorisake         12.5%       £5.50         £14.00 (300ml)
Unfiltered Sake. Brewed using the natural mineral waters of the Rokko Mountain area. 
This sake has a lively sweetness, good depth & a clean after taste.

Umeshu                15%           £5.50       £28.00 (750ml)
Plum Wine  Red or White                              
From the Kishu region where the best quality plums are made into this delicious sweet wine by the local Nakata Family.
Deep fruity flavours.
Mio                         5%                             £10.00 (
A Breakthrough Sparkling Sake with a refreshing fruity aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style with rice, water and Koji yeast. A new Sake for new age. 

Japanese Beer                                     ABV
Asahi Super "Dry"                  330ml                 5%            £3.50
Kirin Nrb                               330ml                  5%            £3.80
Sapporo Premium                    330ml                4.7%           £3.70
Asahi “Kuro Nama”             334ml                 5%            £4.20
“(Premium Dark Lager)
Soft Drinks
Hildon Still                           750m                                    £3.25
Hildon Sparkling                    750m                                    £3.25
Coke Can Regular                  330ml                                    £2.10
Coke Can Diet                       330ml                                    £2.10
Cranberry Juice              250ml                                   £2.30
Orange Juice                         250ml                                   £2.30
Apple Juice                  250ml                                   £2.30 Belvoir Elderflower Presse     250ml                                   £2.70
Calpis (Japanese Juice)          300ml                                  £2.70

Sake  (Japanese Rice Wine)         
                                      ABV         120m      240ml     Bottle
Kyoto Fushimizu      14.%       £5.00     £9.00        N/A
Light and crisp palate.  Recommended with Hot food.
Koshino Happo            14%       £5.30     £9.50     £27.50 (720ml)
A Light and elegant sake with  a hint of  sea breeze and herbs.
Recommended with meat.
Shirakabegura             16%      £5.50     £10.00   £27.50 (
640ml) A complex fragrant melon nose .
Recommended with Full Flavoured dishes.

**Tosasuru (Pure Rice)  14.8%    £5.50    £10.50   £29.00 (750ml)
Using deep ocean water to produce a unique contrast to rice.                                                                                                     
Garyubai Ginjo             16%       £5.75    £10.50   £29.00 (720ml)
Premium grade, beautifully well balanced.
Recommended chilled.                       
Uragazanryu Koka    14.8%    £6.00    £11.00   £30.00 (720ml)
Gold Medal  Sake 2009 (IWC)
Elegant, fresh and fruity with a hint of pear.
Recommended with Sushi.
Tengumai                        15.9%    £6.50    £12.00   £32.00 (720ml)
Unique slow brewed with a  very earth intensity on the palate.
Recommended  for those who like to explore Sake in depth.
Please Note prices and details are offered for guidance only and subject to change without notification.