SAKE with a Twist
                          ABV            100ml            720ml  
Yuzushu          8.5%            £8.00            £42.00

Sake based Yuzu (Japanese citrus) 
Best enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert wine.
Well-balanced sweetness with tart citrus notes.                                                   
Nigorisake       12.5%       £8.00              £20.00 (300ml)
Unfiltered Sake. Brewed using the natural mineral waters of the Rokko Mountain area. 
This sake has a lively sweetness, good depth & a clean after taste.

Umeshu              12.5%      £8.00             £42.00
Plum Wine  Red or White                              
From the Kishu region where the best quality plums are made into this delicious sweet wine by the local Nakata Family.
Deep fruity flavours.
Mio                         5%                             £17.00 (
A Breakthrough Sparkling Sake with a refreshing fruity aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style with rice, water and Koji yeast. A new Sake for new age. 

Japanese Beer                              ABV
Asahi Super "Dry"        330ml               5%            £4.50
Kirin Nrb                        330ml               5%            £4.70
Sapporo Premium          330ml               4.7%         £4.50
Soft Drinks
Hildon Still                      750ml                                 £4.20
Hildon Sparkling            750ml                                 £4.20
Coke Can Regular           330ml                                £3.00
Coke Can Diet                  330ml                                £3.00
250ml                 £3.20
Ramune (Japanese lemonade)      250ml                  £3.20
Calpis (Japanese Juice)      300ml                               £4.20

SAKE  (Japanese Rice Wine)         
                                      ABV         120m      240ml     720ml
Kyoto Fushimizu     14.%       £8.00       £15.00       N/A
Light and crisp palate.  Recommended with Hot food.
Taru Sake                     15.5%       £8.50     £16.00     £38.00
Stored in best Yoshino cedar barrels. Good with Tempura.
Uragazanryu Koka   14.8%      £8.55    £16.00    £38.00 
Gold Medal  Sake 2009 (IWC)
Elegant, fresh and fruity with a hint of pear.
Recommended with Sushi.
Tengumai                      15.9%    £8.70    £16.50    £40.00
Unique slow brewed with a  very earth intensity on the palate.
Recommended  for those who like to explore Sake in depth.

Kubota Senju (Pure Rice) 17%     £8.50      £16.00   £38.00
Light & dry elegant flavour.
Recommended with full flavoured fish.

Dasai (Daiginjo)                15%     £9.30      £17.50   £43.00
Best grade sake in the world!
Recommended with sushi.

Japanese Tea in a Pot
Sencha           (Green Tea)                                     £4.50
Genmai           (Green Tea with Roasted Rice)      £4.50
Hoji                (Roasted Green Tea)                       £4.50
Barley             (Decaf)                                           £4.90

White Wine                                     ABV         Bottle         175ml
Kokako Sauvignon Blanc      New Zealand       13.0%       £29.00        £8.20
Picpoul Plo d'Isabelle            France                  13.0%       £30.00        £8.20        
Valle Berta Gavi                     Italy                     13.0%       £30.00        £8.50 
Domaine Passy le Clou Chablis    Burgundy     13.0%      £35.00          N/A

Rose Wine                                   
Coline San Georgio   Pino Grigio    Italy             13%        £28.00       £8.00

Red Wine                             
Vina Carsasco        Merlot           Chile              13.5%      £28.00        £8.00
Sparkling Wine        
Prosecco Bel Canto                      Italy               11.0%       £35.00        N/A

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