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Bento (Set Meal)
Sabamiso Bento                £10.50
Mackerel in Ginger and Miso Broth.
Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento
£10.50 Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce
Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento    
Deep fried Chicken cooked with Teriyaki Sauce. Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.

Pork Ginger Bento      
Grilled Pork & Ginger and Sweet Soy.
Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.    

Tatsuta Bento                   
£9.50 Deep fried Chicken Marinated in Sesame & Soy Sauce. Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.
Katsudon Bento                   
Deep Fried Pork
in Bread Crumbs with Egg,
Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.

Tonkatsu Bento                   
£9.50 Pork Cutlet Deep-Fried
in Bread Crumbs. Served with Steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit

Tempura Bento                  
£9.50 Assorted Tempura. Served with steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit.
Butakaku Bento                  
£9.50 Braised Pork Belly
in Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
with "Karashi" Mustard Sauce
& "Granny Smith" Apple Puree with steamed Rice, Pickles, Salad & Fruit
Sashimi Individual (1 piece)
Salmon                                            £2.00
Tuna                                               £2.30
Yellow Tail                                      £2.50
Sea Bream                                      £1.80
Marinated Mackerel                        £1.60
Scallop                                           £2.00
Snow Crab                                      £1.60
Sea Bass                                         £2.00

Sashimi Sets

Tricolor (9 pieces)                      £15.50
Tuna, Salmon & Sea Bream

Moriawase (15 pieces)               £19.50
Tuna (2 pcs), Salmon (2 pcs),
Sea Bream (3 pcs), Yellow Tail (2 pcs), Scallop (3 pcs),
& Marinated Mackerel (3 pcs)

Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces)
Salmon                                           £4.80
Tuna                                               £5.20
Yellow Tail                                      £5.20
Sea Bream                                      £5.00
Marinated Mackerel                       £4.20
Scallop                                           £5.20
Grilled Eel                                      £5.00
Sea Bass                                         £5.00
Prawn                                              £4.80
Snow Crab                                      £4.80
Sushi Rolls (Hosomaki) 6pcs               
Tuna Roll                                           £3.80
Salmon Roll                                        £3.60
Avocado Roll                                      £3.00
Cucumber Roll                                    £2.50
Cucumber, Lemon & Shiso Basil Roll    £3.00
Yellow Tail  & Spring Onion                £3.80
Snow Crab & Cucumber  Roll               £4.00 
Sea Bream, Lemon & Shiso Basil         £4.00
Asparagus Roll                                    £4.00

Medium Roll 4pcs                            £7.50
Soft Shell Crab                                 

Jumbo Roll   8pcs                          £8.50
Prawn Tempura Roll Large                 

Inside out Rolls  8pcs
Tuna                                                   £6.00
Salmon                                               £6.00
Spicy Tuna                                         £6.75
Spicy Salmon                                      £6.75
Avocado                                             £5.00
Avocado ,Salmon & Masago                £6.50 
Avocado & Tuna                                 £7.00
Avocado & Prawn                                £6.50

Sushi Sets

Maki only Set                               
(Rolls & Inside Out Rolls 20pcs)       
Salmon, Avocado & Masago Inside Out Roll, Spicy Tuna inside out  Roll,
Salmon Roll & Cucumber Roll.

Maru Set                                      £14.50

(6 Nigiri , 12pcs rolls)
Tuna,  Salmon, Yellow Tail, Grilled Eel, Sea Bream, Prawn, Cucumber Roll & Salmon Roll.

Kansai Chirashi                            £12.50
Sashimi on Mixed Vegetable Sushi Rice, Tuna, Sea Bream, Yellow Tail, Marinated Mackerel, Prawn, Salmon & Shredded Egg.

Salmon Chirashi                        £12.50
Salmon Sashimi on Mixed Vegetable Sushi Rice, & Shredded Egg.

Tuna  Chirashi                              £13.50
Tuna Sashimi on Mixed Vegetable  Sushi Rice, & Shredded Egg.

Salmon Lover                                 £13.50
4 types of Salmon Nigiri, Salmon Sashimi (2pcs), one inside out Salmon Roll with Sesame(4pcs).

Tuna Lover                                     £15.50
Tuna Nigiri (2pcs), Negima Gunkan,
Tuna Roll (6pcs), Spicy Tuna Inside out roll with Sesame (4pcs) & Tuna Sashimi (2pcs).       
Totsu Set                                       £17.50

(9 Nigiri , 10pcs rolls)
Tuna, Ikura Gunkan, Salmon, Sea Bass, Grilled Eel, Yellow Tail, Scallop, Prawn, Sea Bream, Salmon, Cucumber Roll, Avocado & Masago Inside Out Roll.
Soups & Others
Miso Soup                                            £2.50
Tonjiru (Pork & Ginger) Miso Soup       £3.25
Edamame                                             £3.50
Gyoza (5pcs)                                        £6.50
(Deep- fried pork dumpling)                  

Tofu Salad                                           £6.50
Daikon & Seaweed                                £6.50
Seafood Carpaccio                               £7.50

Sake Hakushika               180ml            £5.95
PlumWine (Red or White) 300ml          £9.95

Please Note prices and details are offered for guidance only and subject to change without notification.